Aid before, during and after the unexpected.

Dorothy provides immediate cash advancements before disaster happens. Traditional insurance and federal aid can take 6-12 months to distribute payment, Dorothy offers cash in 4-5 days

why dorothy

When disaster strikes, you need cash now, not in 12 months.

Unexpected events cause significant delays in payment distribution. At Dorothy, we understand how urgent it is to get back on your feet quickly. Get started with Dorothy and have the peace of mind before disaster, not after.

6 months

Before claims payments are issued by carriers

12 months

Average delay of federal aid disbursements


Less availability of private credit after disaster

we have your back

Get pre-qualified now for $0.

Getting started with Dorothy has no cost. If a storm happens and you are already qualified, your money will be available instantly. You just need your FEMA or private insurer policy to qualify.

Fill out our pre-qualification form in 5 minutes

We only need some basic information about you and your property and your disaster insurance policy.

Get the money instantly in your bank account right after you get damaged

No need for adjusters and claims disputes. We use remote sensing technology to verify that your business or home has been damaged. Once confirmed, Dorothy makes the money instantly available to you, pay for hotel stays, roof repairs, contractor work, or whatever you need in order to start recovery.

We get paid when you get paid

Whether it's FEMA or private insurance companies, Dorothy gets paid back when you do, so we'll be on your side through the whole process.

Avoid the trouble and pre-qualify for $0

Without Dorothy

Disaster occurs

You file a claim

Adjuster assesses damages

Claim is processed

You get paid

Time to finance your recovery: 8 months

With Dorothy

Pre-qualify in 5 minutes

Disaster occurs

Dorothy pays you

Time to finance your recovery: 4-5 days