Get your business prepared for the next natural disaster

We use the latest technology to provide you with the best services and resources when you need them the most.
Advanced solutions for difficult times

Disasters are more frequent than ever and your business cannot stop. We know that and we want you to be prepared.


Set up your stores in our platforms

By entering just the addresses of your stores we can run our risk assessment algorithms and provide you with clear information about each property's risk exposure.
Understanding your true risk allows you to take the necessary preemptive measures to avoid losses. We will help you understanding what to do to be prepared.

Get notified before a disaster happens

Get alerted when your property is at risk. We are integrated with all major national weather alert systems, and can inform you when any disaster is approaching. Even riots and pandemics.
* This service is free for your first 2 properties

If we detect any damage in one of your stores, we help you get back on your feet ASAP.

A concierge will contact you right away and will work with you in getting your store back on running as soon as possible. This include special discounts on materials, quick access to contractors and cleaning services, look for places where you can continue with your business while your store is getting fixed, and much more.

Get the peace of mind you need by understanding your risk better

Enterprise solutions

We also provide insurance and real estate with the data they need to better quote and manage their books of business